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 Post subject: RULES
PostPosted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:28 am 
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If you can't find your post it has more than likely has been removed for not meeting these rules.

Blissbox specific rules

1. Do not advertise anyone or any companies' products. Even a related products home page does not belong on here and will be removed. There maybe computation out there I'm not aware of but here is not the place to mention it. This site is strictly for the Bliss-Box product.

2. This main Bliss-Box project is based solely on a personal hobby of mine. Lots of hardware goes in to this. The project itself is open source with a few exceptions. You can build this entire device for a little as $35 ( see page for detail ) and if you have a micro controller burner and experience I could even help you create it from ground up. I hope to release production versions soon like the 4-Play.

The Overall Forum Rules

1. Do not ask for, offer or supply materials that are considered illegal;
We do not permit discussions about getting any illegal materials, such as Ripped Music CDs(MP3 etc), Ripped Movies(Divx etc), ROMs, ISOs or Warez. Threads which break this rule will be either closed or simply deleted and the thread creator will be dealt with accordingly.

2. Not Safe For Work("NSFW") content:
NSFW is defined as anything that most people would not want to be seen by their bosses, parents or teachers. Do not post links to content that is considered NSFW. This rule applies to signatures(text and images) and user avatars as well.

* Do not post images of sexual acts for any kind or images containing nudity that can be considered inappropriate for children.
* Signatures and avatars should not contain any sexually "suggestive" images as both occur site-wide. There is a thin line between that and "ecchi", try not to cross it.
* Do not post images of explicit real-life violence.

Please Note: This place is geared toward the PG rating. Meaning, that there are children that post here as well as adults.

3. Flaming, Trolling & Baiting:
The use of insults that are meant to annoy, harass or insult members(flaming) are not allowed. Failure to comply to a Moderator's warning regarding the use of profanity could lead to a permanent ban.

Hate posts or posts specifically designed to provoke a negative response from someone (baiting) for fun or otherwise are not allowed so try to be tolerant, understanding and respectful of other people's point of view. Registering an alternative ID for the sole purpose of creating problems on the forums(trolling) will only cause the new account to be banned immediately and permanently. The primary account holder may be banned as well.

Please Note: Actions or posts meant to harm(defame, insult, bash etc) the site, affiliates or any entities associated with us will not be permitted.

4. Thread Bashing & Off Topic:
There will be some posts or threads in the forum that you may not like. If you dislike somebody's thread or some of the people participating in the discussion simply don't bother reading it. Posting in it with the sole purpose of having it closed(bashing) will not be tolerated.

Try to stay close to the original topic of a certain thread as much as you can. If you wish to talk about something else make a new topic, do not use an existing one(don't make it Off Topic). It is perfectly acceptable if you feel a thread has gone slightly "Off Topic" then you can make a new thread and provide a link to it.

5. Do not use more than one member account at the same time;
Use only one user account. If you want a different username please contact an Administrator to request a name change. Making more than one account to "have fun" will result into a ban as well as making a new account to bypass a ban. Unauthorized multiple accounts will be closed at once when found.

Please Note: If you need a new account badly for a specific reason then feel free to contact an Administrator about your situation.

6. Do not Spam
SPAM - Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages - We simply don't like it. There is not need to reply to every single post. If you only have one thing to say, explain and expand it, fill it with meaning and substance.

Members who register and immediately start posting spam links will be banned. Army building spam is not allowed as well. Below is a list of examples of topics that we consider as being spam:

* User posted advertisements
* Scams or cons
* Multiple posts & threads to promote a single subject or to get a solution to their problem faster.
* Hostile advertising.

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